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Gorilla Encounter: how to handle it

How to Handle a Gorilla Encounter Essential Tips for Travelers Encountering a gorilla in the wild is a thrilling yet daunting experience. For many, the idea of facing a 400-pound (200 kg) silverback gorilla, the strongest primate in the world, deep within the dense African jungle can be intimidating. To help ease these concerns, here […]

What to Pack for Your Safari

Guide to packing for Your Safari Make sure you read the full list before your trip! High-Quality Binoculars Camera with good Lenses (zoom above 200mm) Safari themed (beige, white, kaki), Lightweight, Breathable Clothing Long sleeve shirts Swimming suit Hat, you can’t miss this stylish touch! Comfortable, closed-toed walking shoes suitable for basic hiking Sunglasses, preferably […]

A typical Safari day

A typical Safari day 6am Your day begins early, often before sunrise, with a gentle wake-up call at your lodge or tented camp. The early start maximizes your chances of seeing the most wildlife, as many animals are most active during the cooler temperatures of the early morning. 10am Midway through the drive, there’s often […]

Maasai Mara or Serengeti?

Maasai Mara or Serengeti National Park Which one to choose? Both are connected The Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Park are two of Africa’s most renowned wildlife reserves, seamlessly connected across the border of Kenya and Tanzania. Together, they form a vast ecosystem that supports over 40% of Africa’s large mammal population. This contiguous habitat […]

Walking Safaris

A typical day of Walking Safari Starting at dawn Imagine waking up to the soft glow of sunrise and the gentle sounds of nature. At Hidden Track, our walking safaris start with this serene moment. You’ll find hot water in your basin to freshen up and a steaming cup of tea or coffee waiting for […]

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