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A typical day of
Walking Safari

Starting at dawn

Imagine waking up to the soft glow of sunrise and the gentle sounds of nature. At Hidden Track, our walking safaris start with this serene moment. You’ll find hot water in your basin to freshen up and a steaming cup of tea or coffee waiting for you. Breakfast is a delightful spread—think granola, eggs, toast, and juicy fruits—to fuel you for the adventure ahead. As the sun rises, we head out with our tracker leading the way. We stroll through the stunning landscape at a relaxed pace, pausing read the "bush newspaper", which are the animal footprints on the sand.

Wild encounters

​ Midway, we take a break for a light snack, soaking in the morning’s beauty. While we meander, our main team packs up the camp and moves ahead to set up our next stop. They usually overtake us, giving us the chance to leisurely enjoy the sights and sounds of wildlife around us. Arriving at the new camp, you’re greeted with a drink and a delicious lunch, just what you need after a morning on foot.

Fresh food? We have you covered!

Our food is always fresh. Mornings start with fruits, muesli, yoghurt, and hearty options like eggs. Lunch brings an array of salads, pizzas, cheeses, and fruits, perfect for a midday break. In the evenings, you’ll enjoy a three-course meal under the stars, with options to sip on beer, wine, gin, or vodka tonics.

The second half of the day

The afternoon is all about relaxation. You might lounge by a stream, take a refreshing siesta, or even try your hand at fishing. Later, we embark on a gentle evening walk, ending with sundowners as the sky paints itself with twilight hues. As night falls, hot showers are available to wash off the day’s dust before we gather around the campfire for drinks. Each walking safari with Hidden Track is designed to fit your pace and interests. We usually walk between 8 to 14 kilometers in the morning, reaching camp by lunchtime. The afternoons are flexible; you can join a short walk, visit a local manyatta (village), try some rock climbing, or simply relax. Sometimes, we stay at the same camp for more than one night, giving you a chance to explore the nearby area more deeply.

An adventure for all ages

Our safaris welcome adventurers of all ages. From young children to those over 80, we tailor each experience to suit your group’s needs. Whether you’re a honeymoon couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family or friends group wanting to bond in a beautiful setting, we create a personalized adventure just for you. Our team, composed of guides from multiple areas (Maasai, Samburu, etc.) shares a wealth of knowledge about the local wildlife, plants, and culture, enriching every moment of your journey.

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