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People, Culture, and Wildlife
Thriving together

At the heart of our mission is a belief that people, culture, and wildlife can and should thrive together in harmony. We understand that preserving wildlife begins with fostering sustainable habitats and raising awareness of their delicate balance.

That’s why we’ve developed a hands-on program designed to make a real difference.

By joining us, our guests actively contribute to meaningful initiatives that create lasting impact. For every trip we organize, one of the below three initiatives is put into action.

From sponsoring a child’s education to providing solar power for a family’s home, each adventure helps build a brighter, more sustainable future.

Enhancing education and living conditions

Promoting awareness and pride in local heritage

Investing in nature preservation

Sponsor scholarships
Each trip organized by Hidden Track allows to cover the education of a child in rural africa
Clean energy for all
Each trip with Hidden Track can provide lighting, power and protection to a rural family
Adventures with impact
We support local communities and cultural conservancies by organizing joint expeditions
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